Are you frustrated that all your expertise, experience, and industry knowledge isn’t being fully valued?

 Are you wondering how to leverage that existing intellect for greater impact & profit?

 Do you want to be known as an authority within your industry?

 Are you ready to tap into the $355M a day information education industry?


Our FREE Mastermind course is designed to show you how to position yourself as the expert in your industry. Allowing you to package up your existing expertise and experience into a playbook or blueprint for others to learn from. Helping you find the biggest problems clients will pay you to solve. 

A Mastermind program solves 2 key problems at once: Differentiating yourself in a crowded market & increasing profits. The way we see it, many industry and niche experts increasing struggle to monetize all that expertise

This learning experience comes with videos and actionable worksheets to both guide and support you through the process.


  • Learn how to consistently create World Class Content. Including models like the Simon Sinek Golden circle. All from a repeatable formula.

  • Learn at your own pace. Go back at any stage and practice the concepts and content we teach. You might not get it first time.

  • Increase your impact and credibility as you learn the world class persuasion and sales techniques used by the world’s best marketing experts.

  • Create the brand new Mastermind asset that uses your existing expertise to create a knowledge based experience that you build once, and sell repeatedly.

  • Complete set of both videos and worksheets. Enabling you to practice the skills required to influence your potential customers and instantly build authority.

  • If you’ve never presented before this can be scary. Once you learn how people learn you will be able to teach to any audience, including your peers.

  • Learn how to create an irresistible offer your clients can’t resist. By wrapping your outcome into a Big Promise you can deliver. Including how to create marketing bullet points

  • We show you how to find the Biggest Problems in your market allowing you to charge more for your expertise.

  • Find out without having to pay upfront if you have the expertise to be able to successfully launch your own Mastermind.


Ronan Leonard

Program Builder

Ronan is a leading expert in crafting high paying Masterminds programs. Ronan loves seeing the benefits that Mastermind groups have on both the instructors and participants and has helped 100’s of business owners increase authority, profit and expertise. Helping them quickly identify and then package up the most valuable part of their expertise to create a high priced group training package. Creating a whole new 6-figure business asset they build once and sell repeatedly. The thing that’s different about us is we are Mastermind experts – not just coaching generalists.

Lifetime Access

Both the free and the paid program will give you full access to the workbooks and videos for the lifetime of the program.  Which means not only value for money but you can revisit the content any time you like (day or night)!

Learn Anywhere -  At Your Own Pace


  • 1

    Instructions for this course

    • Creating A Mastermind Introduction
  • 2

    Welcome to the program!

  • 3

    Let's get started!

    • The Why
    • The What
    • The How
  • 4

    The Concepts and Content We Teach

    • Expert Status Video
    • World Class Content
    • Pink Sheet Blank Editable
    • Pink Sheet Models Example
    • Moments Of Truth
    • Truth Statements Template
    • The Three Knowns Video
    • The Three Knowns Industry Experts
    • Genius Maker Video
    • Genius Maker Content Hack
    • Your Imaginary Customer
    • Discussions With Your Imaginary Customer Worksheet
    • Learning how people learn
    • Learning How People Learn - 4 Quadrants
    • Marketing Bullet Points Example
    • The Big Promise
    • The Big Promise Success Statement Template
    • Creating Your Top Marketing Bullet Points
    • The Biggest Problems To Solve Video
    • Problems You Solve Template
  • 5

    Next Steps...

    • Congrats! Here's what's next...
    • More resources for you
    • Please complete the super quick (5 question) survey before you go...

Masterminds Vs Courses (Key Difference) 

One of the key differences between a Mastermind program and a course is that a Mastermind gives you live access to the creator and other participants (Paid program only). Its context vs content.  In a world of information overload (content) the real education comes when you add context to the individual’s needs. The ability to answer questions and solve your problems that arise as you are learning.



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